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Product Overview

The SRV TRAINER is the first vertical basketball rack with it's own work-out routine.  Attached to your existing backboard or mounted on our adjustable mobile stand this rack does it all.  

SHOOTING:  Place the SRV TRAINER anywhere on the court and critique your shot from that position as if being passed the ball.  With the adjustable stand you can retrieve the ball from a range of heights.

REBOUNDING:  Attach the SRV TRAINER to your existing backboard or the mobile stand, adjust height and practice the proper technique to rebound with the best possible results.  Using both hands to remove the ball from the exit rails is the correct procedure to rebound a live ball and repetitive practice with good fundamentals will increase your effectiveness under the rim.

VERTICAL:  Whether on the mobile stand or the adjustable backboard bracket you can increase your vertical potential by adjusting the SRV TRAINER to your present vertical ability then increase the height to push you to that next level.


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