SRV Trainer

Take your winning percentage to the next level!


Introducing the all new SRV TRAINER by Walkaway Sports.


The SRV TRAINER is a new, groundbreaking, multifunctional basketball training device.


It helps athletes of all levels improve their Shooting, Rebounding and Vertical, just by adjusting how it's used.


* Plus, can be used for ball storage when not in use *





Improve your:





- Rebound correctly
- Use two hands...EVERY TIME
- Multiple reps. (creates better players)
- Increase Vertical (add 2"-4" in as little as 30 days)
- Enhance hand-eye coordination
- Perform sets of reps.
- Become a better shooter
- Shoot over rebounder/defender
- Shooting "off-screen" now possible
- Unit ADJUSTABLE from 3' to 10'
- Use on Stand or Mounted on a Backboard or Wall
- Works with all Types & Sizes of Ball

The manually operated winch system is used to adjust the unit to the desired ball height.

Multi-mount system allows unit to be mounted on moveable, locking stand (supplied), as well as backboards or walls (using optional adapters) and future Walkaway Sports products.

Specific Individual & Team Training Drills and Development Exercises will be launched on our YouTube Channel in the coming months!