Add a 3-Point Contest to your Event

Whether it’s for a Fan-Fest, alongside your 3x3 Tournament, a players' Skills Competition, school Athletics Day, or community Fundraising Event, we can supply up to 5 SRV TRAINERS to suit your specific needs!

Each vertical ball rack (SRV TRAINER) holds five balls and delivers them right to the shooter's hand.

Plus, height and left or right hand positioning can be adjusted for each shooter.

Load the top ball in each position as the 'Money Ball'', or load an entire SRV TRAINER with all five 'Money Balls'!

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Add Rebounding to your Skills Competition

Have you ever seen Rebounding in a skills competition? No?...
Ask yourself why?

Add one or more SRV TRAINER - Varsity or Jr. Varsity models to your Skills Competition to incorporate Rebounding (both a fundamental and vital basketball skill).

Incorporate one to test Offensive Rebounding and stamina. Start your competition by having athletes attempt five repeated rebounds to either put-backs, or perform kick-out passes.

Have them continue on the course, dribbling through pilons, shooting from different positions (or even use a raised SRV TRAINER to have them simulate 'Shooting over a Defender').

Finish off with with a Defensive Rebound: having them make a successful transition outlet pass!

***Use SRV TRAINERS anywhere you want to showcase Rebounding Skills***

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Can you get 60 rebounds in 60 seconds?
You could win $1000.00!

Make the SRV Rebounding Challenge available at your event: Raise funds for your School, or as a Charity Fundraiser!
Charge a small entry fee for participants and offer small prizes locally, while entering them in the $1000.00 SRV Rebounding Challenge.

***Official Rules to be posted on the Walkaway Sports website starting Jan. 2024***

Looking for a cool, interactive solution to your Fan Fest Booth?

Talk to us about building a creative solution that involves using our height adjustable SRV TRAINERS for:


Great for accomodating different participant heights and abilities (from beginner to elite)!

We will provide full equipment training and even provide staff to make sure the event runs seamlessly.  Call us with your ideas (423) 620-8312.