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The origins of Walkaway Sports began when a father, Joe Paysinger, developed a training tool for his teenage son to help with his basketball skills. The SRV TRAINER was developed as a tool to help his son with all aspects of basketball- Shooting, Rebounding, and Vertical.


As a former coach of kids for youth leagues, high school and college, Joe knew that if the basics and fundamentals were not continually emphasized, athletes were more prone to pick up bad habits. He built his career around focusing on the basics and fundamentals; no matter the age of the athlete.


The SRV TRAINER allows for the athlete to work on and improve these skills with limited in-person coaching.


The SRV TRAINER is the only product of it’s kind!


Our aim is to be the leading expert in athletic training products focused on basics, fundamentals and safety.

In order for that to happen we have to excel at delivering on those promises to our customers.


To be the best, we have to deliver the most functional and affordable products on the market.

At Walkaway Sports, the focus is on our customers' current and future sports training needs by, not only providing professional training equipment but also incorporating accessible professional instruction.