WA x Jordan Kilganon

Considered by many to be the world's best Professional Dunker, Jordan has invented nearing 250 dunks...and the list is getting longer!


But can he play ball?


Sure, but Jordan acknowledges that in order to achieve the highest level in any arena, you need to focus solely on improving the skillsets that will enable you to reach your goals. So, to become the best dunker in the world - he needed to immerse himself specifically in dunk training from an early age.


At 15 years old, he practiced on eight-foot rims, then worked his way up to nine feet.

Now, he's doing it at regulation height - and doing it better than anyone else.

Jordan is the current Dunk League Champion and stands undefeated in every dunk contest he has entered since February 2018!


With an impressive 49.5" Vertical, Jordan knows that the only way to get better at anything is to practice...a lot!


By using the professionally designed practice drills and training workouts (soon-to-be featured on the Walkaway Sports YouTube Channel), anyone willing to put in the hard work should be able to increase their Vertical too.


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