Walkaway Sports greatly appreciates it's newly announced Partnership with the TSSAA and the TMSAA!

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Dec. 7, 2023


Basketball season is now back in full swing.
Give your team the best chance for success!

Coaches know that games are won on the practice court and that instilling an elevated work ethic in their athletes is the key to more wins on game day!

The SRV TRAINER helps players on and off the court to focus their practice on the Fundamentals of Basketball: SHOOTING, REBOUNDING & VERTICAL.
Give your athletes the right training and proper tools, so that they can attack each practice with passion, purpose and the ability to get more reps in, faster!

Once your athletes have access to an SRV TRAINER, they can easily pull it anywhere on-court to practice skills such as; Shooting, working off-screen and offensive Rebounding with finishing moves.
When used off-court, individuals can work on their Rebounding and Vertical jump training, while not taking up valuable court space when coaches are working with the rest of the team. This is also a great conditioning tool which pays dividends in regular game play.

The SRV TRAINER System is now available in various configurations (all interchangeable).
From dedicated wall-mounted Rebounding Stations and Ball Racks, to a Double Shooting Tower (holding up to 34 balls), or the fully adjustable/moveable SRV TRAINER Varsity Unit, we are happy to discuss a package that will suit both your budget and the needs of your program.  Volume discounts can also be negotiated.

For the remainder of 2023, we are now offering our best pricing ever and are now including free delivery to all TSSAA & TMSAA member schools with purchase!
Visit for details or call directly: (423) 620-8312 for a Quote.

We are still working on our Drills Series (YouTube), which will give coaches and players a convenient tool for finding ideas for incorporating the SRV TRAINER into their everyday practice sessions.

Interesting use cases:

The SRV TRAINER has been used in a TSSAA pre-game warmup: getting their players in the mindset of Rebounding right before the game.
A TRAINER was raised on it’s mast near center-court to a height that was accessible but challenging. Each player would run-up, block out then rebound correctly with two hands, control and protect the ball with elbows out, then send out a strong outlet pass to a teammate, who would then dribble back to the TRAINER, reload the ball, then join the line to rebound. This works great with a group of 5-8 players, while the rest of the team is working their traditional warm up on their half-court goal.

Tusculum University recently used 10 SRV TRAINERS during their Pioneer Madness event. A lot of fun was had using the TRAINERS for their 3-Point Contest, as well as a head-to-head SRV TRAINER Rebounding Challenge, where prizes went out to all of the winners.

We are further developing the Rebounding Challenge to offer a substantial prize to anyone who can do 60 rebounds in 60 seconds (details announced soon).
Schools with an SRV TRAINER(s) are encouraged to open up their own local Rebounding Challenge to students/fans during home games and ‘sports days’ for fundraising opportunities; where schools can offer their own prizes for the entrants, and still have participants enter into the Walkaway Sports official SRV TRAINER Rebounding Challenge, by following the rules on our website (to come), for a chance at more prizes.

Jan. 24, 2023


The TSSAA and TMSAA are proud to announce a new partnership this basketball season with the all-new SRV TRAINER, by Walkaway Sports.  This product helps reinforce all the fundamentals of Basketball allowing players the ability to get more repetitions in less time with their shots, rebounding, and vertical training in a safer, more effective manner.


The SRV TRAINER allows coaches to set up individual, or group training drills, then step back and analyze player progression and teach techniques to improve individual performance.


The SRV TRAINER gives coaches the ultimate teaching tool with design versatility simulating live game situations such as taking hand-offs, shooting over defenders, rolling off a screen, working as a dedicated rebounding station and is a perfect tool to use in pre-game warmups.


Other highlights include:


Wall Brackets:

2 Included with purchase -  can be used on the stand to customize the Ball Rack(s) placement for specific drills or mounted directly on gym or locker room walls to tuck equipment out of the way. 

Multi-Mount System:

Allows for several height adjustments for The SRV TRAINER Unit and/or Ball Racks (as well as future accessories, such as the Backboard Bracket, locking Ball Bins, etc.).


·      Movable stand with adjustable-height for ball delivery arm, plus two (2) double and two (2) triple Ball Racks mounted on two removable Wall Racks - easily transports fifteen (15) basketballs in this ‘base configuration’ but can be upgraded to hold even more balls, or even house a second training unit.

·      Utilizes a manual winch system to raise and lower the training unit (from approx. 3ft to almost 10ft) – allowing for the diversity of each player’s needs and specific drills being performed when moved around the practice court.




Coming soon, Walkaway Sports will be posting a coach-generated Training and Drills video series on its YouTube channel, to provide ongoing proven and effective individual and group development ideas using the SRV TRAINER System.


In the meantime, TSSAA, TMSAA, and TIAAA member schools are encouraged to register on the Walkaway Sports website( to unlock special pricing - only viewable and available to qualified, registered members.