The SRV TRAINER is being used by Elite Training Facilities all across North America.


Give your Athletes access to the one tool that can help them improve all aspects of their game!



Help your Athletes use their gym time effectively and work on building specific skills.

Working alone or in groups, they can easily move the SRV TRAINER into position for rapid reps, and manually adjust the height of the Trainer to simulate game-like conditions.


Unbolt the Wall Brackets and Ball Racks from the moveable base and permanently mount them off-court - providing easy ball storage or to create a DEDICATED REBOUNDING STATION.


Use the supplied mast ruler to precisely measure the Trainer's effective height: pushing Athlete's Rebounding and Vertical training to new heights and allowing them keep track of their progress.



Create daily drill sets and challenges, or add a 60 second timer and give them the ability to officially enter into the SRV TRAINER: REBOUNDING CHALLENGE (full details on, where they can win prizes just for trying.



Add more than one Trainer/configuration to multiply available drills and create more complex training regimes.