Schools & Teams

Simulate game-like situations to improve core skills.


Coaches: work your players through group drills or send individuals off-court to train specific skills. -------------------

Use the SRV TRAINER as part of your general conditioning exercises, in-game play strategy or set up an off-court DEDICATED REBOUNDING STATION.


Multiple SRV TRAINERS can be set up in various configurations to create explosive workouts and circuit training.


Keep players moving and active in practice session to get the most out of your on-court time.

Simulate hand-offs and receiving passes from anywhere on the court, start each play by with a strong offensive or defensive rebound and work on outlet passes, multi-player transitions, putbacks and strong post moves.

Work off-screen to develop strategy, ball handling and footwork skills. Practice shooting over a defender from multiple locations.



Coaches can stand back and critique individual technique and recommend drills for individual player development.


SRV TRAINER is easily moveable and adjustable for players to get in more reps after practice, on their own time.