Training Camps

Perfect for all levels of Basketball Training Camps.

The SRV TRAINER can be easily moved between indoor or outdoor courts and provides both a mobile Ball Rack solution and training tool all-in-one!


Teach and support your Campers by giving them a safe and effective way to work on all fundamental aspects of Basketball





SRV TRAINER drills can be modified to give individual Athletes focused attention on specific exercises, or work in groups by creating revolving circuit drills.


Manually adjusting the height of the Trainer between drills allows Coaches to simulate game-like situations.


Receiving hand-offs, simulating pass receipts and working off-screen: use the SRV TRAINER to simulate a Defender and teach your Athletes the footwork and ball handling skills they can use to drive to the net, make an outlet pass or shoot over a Defender.

Teach proper transition progressions by starting with a safe defensive Rebound. Focus on finishing and finesse at the rim, or kicking out a pass to a teammate after simulating proper offensive Rebounding technique.


Unbolt the Wall Brackets and Ball Racks from the moveable base and permanently mount them off-court: providing easy ball storage or to create a DEDICATED REBOUNDING STATION.


Use the supplied mast ruler to precisely measure the Trainer's effective height: pushing Athlete's Rebounding and Vertical training to new heights and keep track of their progress.


Create games and challenges to keep younger Campers engaged and instill the competitive spirit!



Create daily drill sets and challenges, or add a 60 second timer and give them the ability to officially enter into the SRV TRAINER: REBOUNDING CHALLENGE (full details on, where they can win prizes just for trying. -----------------------------


Add more than one Trainer/configuration to multiply available drills and create more complex training regimes.